Graphic Design

We love printed pieces, and we do them all:  logo design, brochuresflyersletterheadcataloguesadvertisementsbannerssigns, and direct mail pieces, to name a few.  We can tackle an entire branding project from start to finish, giving you a unified marketing package with a fabulous design, or lend our expertise to any of the individual pieces in the list above.

Website Design

Real estate on the internet costs very little, and taking advantage of this might be one of the smartest business decisions you’ll ever make.  Whether you are looking for a redesign of your current site or a brand new design, we can provide you with an attractive online presence that reflects your company’s values and your unique position in the marketplace.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Submitting your site to search engines used to be simple and fairly foolproof.  With the advent of Google, things became a lot more complicated and getting to the top of the list is never guaranteed.  We have done an extensive amount of research and have implemented several strategies that will help ensure that your website is easily located by potential clients.  We can also lend our expertise to your own targeted Google Adwords campaign.


Strong marketing copy drafted with your target audience in mind can be a crucial part of the success of your overall marketing plan.  Whether you are starting from scratch or working with copy that just needs to be tweaked, we can help make sure your message is well received and understood by your potential clients.

eBlasts & Email Marketing

XXX design has recently partnered with XXXXX, a rapidly growing company with over 185,000 clients who trust them to provide spam-free online marketing solutions.  Their services range from email newsletters and promotions, to event invitations, polls, and surveys, allowing you to stay in constant contact with your clients.

Website Maintenance

Whether you are waiting on an unreliable design company or figuring out how to make changes on your own, it can be an incredibly frustrating experience to update your website.  We can quickly and painlessly update your website for you, or set you up with a Content Management System to make updating your content a breeze.

Website Hosting

We have a unique partnership with one of the largest web hosting companies in North America, allowing us to provide specialized packages at affordable prices.